Not a fan of the word "coach". At all.


Alas... here we go.


Rebel Sessions are meant to get you out of a story that's just no longer working for you.


Because eff that. 


This is different than your average coaching session.


I don't just impose my advice upon you and your situation.

That will get you about as far as a slug in the sunshine.


I use a mix of intuitive reading, energy scanning, and gaining a solid understanding of your current situation to act as a mirror and guide. I believe that you, on some level, know what you need best.


And hold on to your pants... this is about to get a little...

woo woo for lack of a better word, but...


As a natural intuitive I tune into your energy before our session in order to receive images, messages, and whatever else you're meant/needing to hear. I also scan your energetic field using a technique I learned from one of the top Naturopaths in Vancouver. From the scan, I can tap into what areas of your body are needing attention, as well as where in your energetic field is needing some clearing or a little love. It's really very different for each person.


I know what you're thinking... 

Weird right?!


I get it. But it's actually an extremely powerful form of coaching, because it's not me telling you what I think.


It's your energy and body using me to communicate with you. 


We then use that information, and talk through what it means and develop a clear action plan so you can start making the actual shifts you're craving. 


To kick things off I'm only opening up 10 spots for $100/session.

If it's something you're interested in and would like a session, claim your spot below.



The Details

  • Sessions are done via Skype and last around 75 minutes.
  • I take the first 15 - 20 minutes to distance scan you and receive the intuitive download.
  • We chat for the rest of the session and you come out with a clear action plan.
  • Sessions are $100 for the first 10 people who sign up. 
  • Payment is sent via e-transfer.