Go Launch Yourself


Want to start a podcast but feeling frustrated, confused, and totally lost? 

Yea... I've been there amigo.

Ah sweet, sweet memories.

The good news is, I can save you the extra wrinkles and grey hair and help you get your voice out into the stratosphere so the world can enjoy your badass self.


The truth is podcasting is becoming HUGE and stands to get more and more popular. Which is why it's important you get in now before it gets too crowded.

Still not convinced? Check out this article from the infamously wise Gary V all about the rise of audio.

I can tell you from experience that starting a podcast is extremely beneficial. If you're interviewing guests or just chatting up the mic monologue style, you stand to make a TON of awesome connections.


Other benefits include...

  • Making friends you wouldn't have otherwise contacted and met.
  • Learning a shit ton from guests as well about yourself.
  • Being able to ask influencers questions you've been wondering.
  • Getting used to hearing your own voice on audio (weirdly a relief).
  • The satisfaction of know you're putting good audio waves out into the world that might help someone.
  • Eventual sponsorship and skrilla to be had.
  • Unforeseen opportunity that you just can even imagine because it's so damn good.


Ok so you're convinced and you want to get started...

Now what?

Well if you're like anything like me you'll dive right in with all the confidence of a Rhinoceros who just got her horned sharpened. #thatsrealconfidencemyfriends

The thing is, it's actually WAY more involved that you think. Trust me on this one.

There are things to consider like audio quality, audio format, hosting platforms, scheduling, legal forms, email templates, audio editing, recording equipment, recording software, episode outline, intros and outros, and so on the list goes. And trust me... it goes.

So I'm going to cut this "sales" page short because honestly, I hate sales pages. They make me roll my eyes and say things like...

"shut up already and tell me what this mother f*cking thing is going to cost already so I can see if I can afford it!"


I hear ya... loud and clear.

Here's the DL

If you want the full situation (i.e. from conception to launch) it will take roughly 1 - 2 months and cost your sweet self (I may be trying to butter you up) $1500 USD.

Notice how I didn't say $1497? I hate it when people do that. Just tell me the real cost friend! #rantover

So what does that get you?


  • Weekly 1hr coaching calls with yours truly.
  • A clearly defined concept, brand, and direction.
  • A list of the best and most affordable audio equipment to fit your budget.
  • An understanding of how the whole podcast process works.
  • Access to me to ask any questions that may arise.
  • Understanding of what recording software to use and how to use it.
  • Interviewing tips.
  • Advice on how to get quality guests.
  • Social media guidance.
  • The technical side of podcasting (recording, editing, exporting, uploading, sharing, etc.)
  • How to setup a website and write quality show notes.
  • How to add your show to platforms like itunes.
  • Steps to a successful launch.
  • How to set yourself up for success after the launch.
  • How to schedule your time so you don't end up a hermit.
  • A step-by-step hand holding as you set it all up.
  • Your voice out in the world on one of the fastest growing platforms.